Synthetic as a Sheffield-based electropop club night. We are currently in hibernation but may return in the future.. In the meantime, this website serves as archive of past events and playlists.

The usual venue for Synthetic is The Raynor Lounge, Sheffield University SU, and the night runs from 9pm to 1am. Admission is 4.00 payable on the door. For an idea of exactly what we play, check out our past playlists.

To be informed of further Synthetic news and dates, email me now to join our mailing list (state that it is the Synthetic list you'd like to join). There is also a Synthetic Facebook Group to join.

Though our venue is in the Sheffield University SU building, non-students are most welcome at Synthetic (and form over half of our regular crowd). Non-students can freely access the SU building for Synthetic without having to be signed in.

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